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“ Accelerate Direct to Consumer Delivery with our Legally Compliant ePrescribing ”

Nationwide Doctor Network

Doctors are licensed in all 50 states & cover multiple specialties.

Customer Service Team

Our customer service team addresses all patient’s needs from scheduling to fulfillment.

Pharmacy Integrations

Our network of pharmacies fully automates the patient handoff from service to fulfillment.

HIPAA Compliance

Our proprietary platform maintains the highest level of HIPAA compliance, ensuring your patient’s data is secure.

View Analytics

Real-time dashboard view of patient journey through fulfillment.

API Intergration

Prescribery’s API allows for patient entry, management, status checks & scheduling features for comprehensive integration.

Demographic Data

Customizable data results needed for your marketing spend.

Customized Platform Services

Fluid patient interaction feature allowing optimal outcomes.

Start meeting your customers and patients through Prescribery.

Prescribery was founded to bring the patient closer to the manufacturers.

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