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Harnessing the power of telehealth for a more meaningful patient experience

A prescription is a symbol for hope, it represents the potential for healing and well-being.

At Prescribery, we believe in making that potential more accessible.

We do it by connecting patients in need with compassionate and credible healthcare providers—on their own terms. We partner with leading pharmaceutical manufacturers to facilitate comprehensive telehealth so nothing stands between a patient and life-changing care.

Prescribery is a comprehensive & compliant telehealth platform purpose-built for pharmaceutical brands

Seamless integration

Patients can sign-up for a virtual consultation from your BRAND.COM

+ Can be turnkey or fully customized

Convenient Experience

+ Patient fills out questionnaire
+ Makes online payment
+ Dynamically scheduled appointment with qualified matched provider delivered via email
+ No external apps required

Connect patients to a provider network that offers best-in-class care

Patients are seen by a firewalled and independent provider network.

Network is scalable and customized based on brand disease state needs, with providers across a range of specialties

Integrates with brick & mortar and online pharmacies

Service centered around the patient:
Our customer service team works closely with the pharmacy to assure patients are being contacted and kept updated regarding any insurance coverage issues and medication delivery expectations.

Unlock access to real-time data & analytics

You’ll have access to a personalized dashboard to understand how the telehealth solution is driving value for your patients and brand

Working with Prescribery

We take pride in the relationships we build and keep, and are committed to offering best-in-class patient care.

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