Virtual Care for Brands Starts Here

Use telemedicine to simplify the patient journey to your therapy

Simplify the Pathway to Care

We enable you to offer a journey that is convenient for patients and simplifies access to your product and the start of their care.

Patient Journey through Prescribery

One Solution for Multiple Needs

Our clients range from pharma brands, storefront pharmacies, online pharmacies or even medical clinics. Each with a set of needs that must be addressed to shorten the patient journey.

Our team works alongside you and your delivery partners to address these needs.

Our Partners

Working with Prescribery

We take pride in the relationships we build and keep, and are committed to offering best-in-class patient care.

Dedicated to Simplifying the Journey

We are dedicated to applying technology to the patient journey so you can provide a smooth path to the care your therapies deliver.

Technology that Makes Life Easier for Everyone

Maintain Your Brand

Consumers start on your product page BRAND.COM then continue their initial journey through pages visually connected to your product brand.

Convenient Physician Access

Patients received best-in-class care within our 50-state network of licensed Clinicians across multiple specialties

Our network is scalable and customized across a range of specialties based on disease state needs

Single Solution with Options

Prescribery is a single-source platform with built-in flexibility to extend capabilities while embracing your key legacy systems where it makes sense.

Our team works alongside you to address needs and expand capabilities while keeping key processes intact.

Compliant and Secure Pathway

When you leverage our technology you offer a patient journey that is fully compliant and secure. We have incorporated certifications that meet or exceed industry requirements or standards.

  • EMR integration

  • HIPAA compliant

  • PCI compliant

  • Secure Audio & Video Communication

  • Secure document sharing

  • SOC 2 Certified

  • Drummond Certified

Monitor Conversions and Track Metrics

Monitoring conversions and tracking key business metrics is a must.

Our personalized dashboards and APIs gives you meaningful tools to interpret the critical data Prescribery captures throughout the consumer-to-patient journey.

Using multiple levels of permissions provides data access across your team and delivery partners while maintaining compliance.

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