Direct-to-Consumer Simplified

Prescribery is a comprehensive telemedicine platform with an integrated network of national medical providers.

Our clients leverage our platform to offer a simplified journey from a consumer’s initial consultation through a patient receiving of therapy and continued management.

Developed through Experience

The roots of Prescribery began from a company founded in 2009 with 27 physical locations and minimal telemedicine coverage.

We quickly discovered, however, that patient success and satisfaction at physical locations were not as high as our telemedicine services. Patients wanted support when it was convenient for them. In early 2011 we closed all physical locations and shifted fully into telemedicine.

Today, the Prescribery platform has supported the care of over 1 million patients and growing.


Patients Served


Years of Telemedicine

Comprehensive yet Flexible

Our patient recruitment and medical management platform contains a comprehensive set of features with built-in flexibility to align with your business goals:

  • Consumer Pre-qualification is completed through a questionnaire reflecting your content and brand

  • Virtual Medical Consultation scheduling within our 50-state network of licensed physicians .

  • Flexible Processing of prescriptions enables alignment with your model whether it is self-fullment, contracted pharmacy or even patient-selected choices.

  • Maximized Payment conversions are achieved with a streamlined process removing multiple patient payment engagements during the journey from inquiry to the receiving of care.

  • Compliance is core to our platform exceeding HIPPA requirements and obtaining certifications that are beyond industry standards.

  • Data Analytics using permission-based customized dashboards and API integration.

  • Custom tailored solutions to meet your unique needs through logic, design and communications.

Features that Drive Results

We continue to enhance our features to better support our clients and differentiate us from other services.

Patient Journey

The patient journey is at the core of Prescribery. Check out the demonstrations below.

Website Version

Mobile Version

Prescribery API Integration

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Our Leadership

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Chief Information Security Officer

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Lead Project Manager

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Full-stack developer


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Full-stack developer

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Full-stack developer

Committed to Success

Prescribery started with a mission focused on patient satisfaction by offering access to life-changing care.

This continues with our clients as we jointly meet your current and future needs and provide therapy options to people seeking healing and well-being.

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