The Business

Prescribery based in San Diego, California is a nationwide telemedicine provider for doctor consultations of patients resulting in prescriptions and disease management.

Prescribery’s mission is to successfully help people in a concierge fashion, using technology to improve the quality of care, patient satisfaction with care received in a fashion that is best for the patient.

The Company was originally founded in 2009 with 27 brick and mortar affiliate locations and minimal telemedicine coverage. Prescribery quickly discovered, however, that patient success and satisfaction at physical locations weren’t as high as the Company’s telemedicine services. Patients wanted and needed services and support when it was convenient for them. In early 2011, the Company closed its physical locations and shifted full-time into telemedicine. Today, Prescribery has helped over 500,000 patients.

Prescribery offers an acquirer the following strategic considerations:

  • Second, established, a long-standing nationwide telemedicine company.
  • Doctors licensed to practice telemedicine in all 50 U.S. states.
  • High patient satisfaction due to concierge medicine and ease of use.
  • The strong culture of customer service and a robust customer management system to keep patients engaged and repeat business.
  • Poised for growth into other areas of telemedicine prescription medications.
  • Open 7 days, expanded hours.

Core Competencies

Prescribery has created a fully controlled patient recruitment and medical management system that can be applied to a variety of different applications. These include:

  • Clinical algorithms and workflow for ease of patient use and provider satisfaction and care management
  • New medication marketing and patient acceptance
  • First & Only Telemedicine Provider – Prescribery was the first and still the only nationwide telemedicine weight loss company in the US. By integrating the marketing function with the physician evaluation and prescribing function, the Company can identify new patient prospects and on-board them promptly.
  • Nationwide Medical Provider NetworkOne of the first to successfully develop a network of independent contractor medical providers, including medical doctors, healthcare providers who, together, are licensed in all 50 states.
  • Same-Day Prescription Drug FulfillmentAny medication needed that is appropriate for telemedicine prescriptions is automatically fulfilled and shipped at the end of the telemedicine appointment with no additional involvement by the patient. This eliminates the time it typically takes patients to fill their much-needed prescriptions.
  • Nationwide Lab TestingEach new patient benefits from the Company’s volume contract with a national clinical lab to get the required testing completed. This represents another step to ensure that roadblocks are removed, and effective patient care can be assured.

The Company’s systemized process includes the following steps:

  1. Patients are directed to a secure, HIPAA compliant, online electronic medical records(EMR) portal where personal information is entered including health history, etc.
  2. Patients self-schedule at a day/time convenient for them 7 days/week, expanded hours.
  3. The doctor(s) are assigned the state-licensed and resident state of the patient. The doctor calls or videos the patient and reviews the patient’s health history, a patient/provider consultation is established and based on the consultation, the doctor will approve or, as appropriate, revise the medication recommendations.
  4. The doctor writes a medication prescription in the patient’s EMR.
  5. The prescription is then forwarded to HealthWarehouse for prescription fulfillment.
  6. Same day doctor consultations and RX submission and prompt delivery to the patient are important differentiators to keep patient satisfaction high.

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