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A prescription is a symbol for hope, it represents the potential for healing and well-being.

At Prescribery, we believe in making that potential more accessible.

We do it by connecting patients in need with compassionate and credible healthcare providers—on their own terms. We partner with leading pharmaceutical manufacturers to facilitate comprehensive telemedicine so nothing stands between a patient and life-changing care.


the catalyst for healthcare revolution

In 2019, telemedicine represented less than one percent of all visits.
Throughout 2020 telemedicine visits increased to over 10x the pre-pandemic rate
and continued to increase in early 2021.

Consumer acceptance of telemedicine is rapidly increasing

8 out of 10 patients

were satisfied with their care during their telemedicine visit.

Demand for telemedicine will continue to grow


of U.S adults want to continue using telemedicine services for non-urgent consultations even after need to self isolate for COVID-19 has passed


anticipated growth of medical services performed via telemedicine over the next two years.

Pharma brands are starting to implement telemedicine solutions as a part of there go to market strategy

Growing competitive threats from DTC focused telemedicine companies

+ Rebranding generics in a range of categories
+ Taking market share away from Pharma
companies at LOE
+ Increasing competition for brands across
many categories

The majority of early adopter brands utilize DTC telemedicine providers

But here are the problems with that model…

Poor patient experience
with multiple click-outs, forced
app downloads

Drive patients to see line-up
of competitive options
& pricing

Little measurable ROI

What if…

What if there was a simple telemedicine solution for pharma brands
that offers a turnkey online experience for patients?

+ Maximizes DTC advertising efforts with online channel conversion
+ Applies attribution to media spend across channels
+ Connects patients to focused HCP network

Welcome to Prescribery

Prescribery is a comprehensive telemedicine platform purpose-built for pharmaceutical brands

A frictionless experience on your that connects interested patients to an independent provider network for virtual consultations

Integrated systems and processes that ensure medical, legal, and regulatory compliance

Real-time data and analytics that help you optimize conversion rates, maximize media spend, and prove attribution to the online channel

Front-end integration

Patients can sign-up for a virtual consultation from your BRAND.COM

+ Can be turnkey or fully customized
+ Brand or Digital Agency can access pre-built design templates
+ Customize sign-up form and UX based on brand preference

Convenient Patient

+ Fills out questionnaire
+ Makes online payment
+ Dynamically scheduled appointment with qualified matched provider delivered via email
+ No external apps required

Connect patients to a provider network that offers best-in-class care

Patients are seen by a firewalled and independent provider network.

+Network is customized based on brand disease state needs and specialty

+Platform scales depending on demand to 50K+ appointment slots/week

+Built-in HIPAA compliant EHR enables physician access to dynamic clinical
workflow that mirrors in-person care

+All providers are required to complete training, as provided by your Medical
Director, on important brand efficacy and safety information to ensure they
have they education they need to consult patients

Integrate with brick & mortar and online pharmacies

EHR workflows can be customized to include your specific pharmacy distribution network and can also integrate with online pharmacies.

Service centered around the patient:
The SamaritanMD customer service team works closely with the pharmacy to assure patients are being contacted and kept updated regarding any insurance coverage issues and medication delivery expectations.

API integration allows us to understand where the patient is in their journey post-visit:

Unlock access to realtime data & analytics

Your DTC digital advertising efforts are now on hyperdrive: just a glance of some of
the conversion data you’ll have access to:
+ sign-ups by state
+ appointments scheduled
+ visits seen
+ online Rx prescriptions
+ understanding of real-time flight of patient journey

Working with Prescribery

Executive-level onboarding and initiation

Our executive team will partner with you closely, from project initiation to launch, to ensure our platform is customized to meet your patients’ needs.

Dedicated customer service support

Once the prescribery solution is implemented on your site, our customer service team is available well beyond standard business hours (6 days a week, 7 AM – 11 PM EST).

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