Healthcare Software Solutions in Rochester, New York

What is Healthcare eCommerce?

Healthcare eCommerce refers to the use of electronic platforms and software solutions in the healthcare industry, specifically for online transactions, medical supply procurement, and healthcare services. With the advancement of technology, healthcare organizations are increasingly embracing eCommerce solutions to streamline their operations, improve patient care, and enhance efficiency.

Healthcare Software Solutions for Every Need

When it comes to Healthcare Software Solutions in Rochester, New York, Prescribery is a leader in the industry. With an extensive range of software solutions tailored for various healthcare needs, Prescribery aims to provide innovative and reliable solutions for healthcare professionals, hospitals, clinics, and patients.

Patient Management System

Prescribery offers an advanced Patient Management System that simplifies and automates the entire patient journey. This all-in-one solution allows healthcare providers to manage patient registrations, appointments, medical records, prescriptions, and billing all in one secure and user-friendly platform. By centralizing patient data and automating administrative tasks, healthcare professionals can focus more on providing quality care to their patients.

Electronic Health Records (EHR) System

Prescribery’s Electronic Health Records (EHR) System is designed to digitize and streamline patient records, making them easily accessible and securely stored. With this system, healthcare providers can easily retrieve patient information, track medical histories, and share data with other healthcare professionals, leading to better coordination and continuity of care.

Telemedicine Platform

In the era of remote healthcare, Prescribery offers a comprehensive Telemedicine Platform that enables healthcare providers to deliver virtual consultations, diagnoses, and treatment plans to patients. With this secure and user-friendly platform, healthcare professionals can expand their reach, reduce wait times, and provide convenient healthcare services to patients from the comfort of their homes.

Medical Inventory and Supply Chain Management

Managing medical inventory and supplies is crucial for efficient healthcare operations. Prescribery’s Medical Inventory and Supply Chain Management software simplifies this process by automating inventory tracking, generating purchase orders, and ensuring seamless supply chain management. This helps healthcare facilities to optimize their inventory, reduce wastage, and ensure that necessary supplies are always available when needed.

Prescription and Medication Management

Prescribery’s Prescription and Medication Management software provides a secure and efficient platform for healthcare professionals to manage prescriptions and medications. This system enables electronic prescribing, automatic medication refills, and drug interaction checking, enhancing patient safety and adherence to medication regimens.

Patient Engagement and Communication

Effective communication and patient engagement are essential for improving healthcare outcomes. Prescribery’s Patient Engagement and Communication software enables healthcare providers to send automated reminders, share educational materials, and communicate with patients through secure messaging. This helps to keep patients informed, engaged, and actively involved in their healthcare journey.


Prescribery offers comprehensive Healthcare Software Solutions in Rochester, New York that cater to the diverse needs of healthcare providers and organizations. With their innovative and user-friendly software solutions, Prescribery aims to help healthcare professionals optimize their operations, improve patient care, and enhance overall efficiency. To learn more about Prescribery’s Healthcare Software Solutions, visit their website at