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By Ross Pope, COO & CFO at Prescribery

Earning consumer trust in telemedicine can be challenging. Although CDC data demonstrates that 85% of people over the age of 60 need prescription medication, it can still be difficult to earn the trust of aging customers in a digital environment.

Engaging both aging patients and younger patients is more easily accomplished when telemedicine practitioners can demonstrate that they hold patient welfare and protection in the highest regard.  Telemedicine offers numerous advantages for consumers, and everyone benefits when those incentives are coupled with credible companies that earn patient trust through reliable, efficient, highly compliant, and consumer-conscious practices.

Telemedicine allows patients an efficient way to access healthcare options from the comfort and safety of their own homes. Direct-to-consumer pharmaceutical enabled platforms like Prescribery offer patients and pharmaceutical partners the ability to connect quickly and easily through a legally compliant user-friendly platform.

Earning Patient Trust

Access and convenience are both central to building trust, but patients can still be reticent to put their faith in E-prescription services. It’s important that customers understand there are real people behind the computer screens who are working to ensure that patients are protected.

Patients are often reassured to learn that the telemedicine they are receiving has been uniquely tailored to them. It’s important that telemedicine providers are able to track patient progress in real-time and communicate with one another. In turn, patients are able to voice questions and concerns to their providers. Multiple communication methods provided through Prescribery’s platform allow providers access to real-time data to protect patient interests.

Ongoing Patient Protection

Protecting a patient goes beyond their physical well-being. In addition to personable and meaningful communication, patients need to know that they’re also protected on the digital front. Data security is a frequently cited concern among telemedicine patients and practitioners alike. In addition to safeguarding patient data against cyber threats, telemedicine and telehealth platforms like Prescribery maintain strict HIPAA compliance.

E-Prescription services provide patients with greater control, peace of mind, and protection when delivered through a user-friendly, HIPAA-compliant telemedicine platform like Prescribery. We understand that credibility is the foundation of building and maintaining consumer trust in the often confusing direct-to-consumer pharmaceutical delivery services.