Prescribery Platform Features

CRM (Clinical & Marketing)

A Fully Compliant and Secure CRM

Support for medical organizations to deliver their best experience for patients by helping to streamline marketing, customer care and clinical functions.

  • New patient management
  • Clinical documentation
  • Document management
  • Reporting & Analytics
  • Automated marketing communications
  • Point of sale system
  • Automated mobile/email notices such as  reminders, missing information or reschedules

Electronic Records

HIPAA-Compliant Access for Patient Data

Enhance interoperability, efficiency, and provider-patient communication by capturing patient records with accessibility by HIPAA appropriate partners such as contracted pharmacies or other care providers.

  • Digital treatment plans and lab results
  • Capture remote patient monitoring device data
  • Provide access to SOAP notes
  • Prescription data
  • Patient enrollment information such as medical history or medication allergies

Healthcare data analytics

Gain Insights from Patient Enrollment through Active Treatment

Gain a 360-degree view of your healthcare business through our scalable and secure data warehouses, OLAP analytics, and data mining delivering actionable insights for your departments, from clinical to marketing.

  • Incoming patient demographics
  • Medical consultation and prescription details
  • Delivery, refills, and renewals
  • Login based PHI redaction when appropriate

Healthcare ecommerce

Monetize Healthcare Products and Services While Maintaining Compliance

Implement custom solutions for order and product management, customer relations, and marketing operations. Can be integrated with other healthcare software and ecommerce tools :

  • Product management
  • Omnichannel customer service
  • Customer relations and marketing
  • Order management

Marketing Communications

Market to patients while maintaining HIPAA compliance

Email and SMS campaign system triggered using:

  • Calendar and Cadence attributes
  • Drip campaign marketing based on medication journeys
  • Event occurrences such as provider appointment completion

Patient engagement tools

Keeping patients informed and on track

Boost patient engagement and loyalty by facilitating patient communication between provider, front-desk or other care providers such as pharmacy staff.

  • Real-time communication tools
  • Analytics and reporting
  • Remote device monitoring
  • Email and text patient engagement

Patient/Provider Dashboards

Making information accessible to multiple types of care providers

Provide platform-based access customized to align with the needs of each care-provider group within the patient journey of your healthcare business:

  • Secure access to patient health information
  • Patient interaction log
  • Appointment management
  • Customizable views to align with viewer needs, such as PHI redaction

Pharmacy Engagement

Managing patient care after the medical provider appointment

When appropriate the Prescribery platform can assist those involved in the patient journey to efficiently execute follow-up care needs defined during the medical provider appointment:

  • Prescription status and analytics
  • Customizable analytics and reporting
  • EHR access including SOAP notes for pharmacy reference
  • Document management such as pre-filled PAs when appropriate

Remote Patient Monitoring

Seamlessly monitor patients across devices

Prescribery’s “Pulse” is our data analytics meets EHR solution that integrates with the most strictly-regulated types of medical devices. Power and manage diagnostic, monitoring, and treatment devices:

  • Patient wearables
  • Inhalers and defibrillators
  • Barcode scanners, biometric and RFID readers
  • Temperature, humidity and cardiac board sensors
  • Smart pens and scales

Virtual Healthcare Platform : Telehealth

Flexible solution combining technology features and integrated provider coverage options

The Prescribery platform offers the technology essential for a successful telemedicine strategy including clinical and marketing.

Integrate medical coverage via your providers or tap into our provider network that is behind a legal firewall. This setup provides full compliance while maintaining control over the quality of patient care and gain access to real-time market data.

Medical Categories

  • Urgent – Acute
  • Primary – Traditional
  • Alternative – Holistic – Functional

Prescription Coverage

  • Commercial
  • Generic
  • Compounded
  • Controlled