Prescribery Platform Features

Virtual Healthcare Platform :: Telehealth

Our experts create telehealth software that can enable remote provision of clinical services, including diagnostic and treatment, or enable a more engaging online medical education and training.

  • Doctor consultations and virtual care
  • Mobile telemedicine
  • Patient data management
  • Screen sharing
  • Annotation tools
  • Medication Prescribing
  • Controlled Substances
  • Compounding Medications

Provider Network


Patient engagement tools

patient portals, remote condition monitoring software, educational tools, and other patient engagement solutions that encourage patients to be more proactive in managing their own health, boost patient engagement and loyalty, facilitate hospital-patient communication, and improve population health.Real-time communication tools

  • Wellness and lifestyle apps
  • Personal health information management features
  • Educational apps
  • Analytics and reporting

Healthcare data analytics

We employ scalable and secure data warehouses, OLAP analytics, data mining and AI algorithms to deliver actionable insights for every department, from diagnosticians to sales and marketing, as well as a 360-degree view of your healthcare facility.

  • Descriptive, predictive and prescriptive analytics
  • Precision medicine analytics
  • Medical image analysis
  • Performance and facility management analytics
  • Population health analytics


help healthcare providers enhance their organization’s interoperability, efficiency, and doctor-patient communication by enabling them to acquire, store, manage and transfer patient records between specialists, departments, and institutions

  • Digital patient history with treatment plans and lab results
  • Schedules and automated reminders about upcoming tasks
  • Patient data collection from healthcare software and patient devices
  • Voice recognition for accelerated data input

Pharmacy Engagement

We equip pharmaceutical companies with secure, reliable and compliant inventory, prescription, documentation, and financial management tools, as well as powerful analytics solutions that help conduct business more effectively, protect customers from fraud, and improve the patient experience.

  • Document management
  • Inventory management
  • Prescription management
  • Financial management
  • Analytics and reporting

Remote Patient Monitoring

Develops and implements software that can be integrated even with the most strictly-regulated types of medical devices. We build apps to power and manage diagnostic, monitoring, and treatment devices, as well as solutions that can perform medical device functions on their own (SaMD).

  • Patient wearables
  • Inhalers and defibrillators
  • Smart carts
  • Blood collection devices
  • Barcode scanners, biometric and RFID readers
  • Temperature, humidity and cardiac board sensors
  • Smart pens, scales, and tubing welders

CRM (Clinical & Marketing)

CRM software with healthcare providers’ needs in mind. Our fully compliant and secure CRMs help medical organizations deliver next-level patient experience by automating their marketing and sales operations.

  • Patient management
  • Customer service integration
  • Sales and marketing automation
  • Referral management
  • Document management
  • Task management and collaboration
  • Reporting and analytics

Applying Technology

deliver platform-based and custom patient portal software to enable patients to manage their health more proactively by accessing their health records, scheduling appointments, and communicating with the care provider.

  • Secure access to patient health information
  • Patient self-service
  • Online doctor consultations
  • Feedback aggregation
  • Personal health data analytics
  • Patient information and education
  • Insurance and payment management
  • Appointments management


Healthcare ecommerce

assists healthcare organizations in monetizing their services by implementing custom solutions for order and product management, customer relations, sales and marketing operations which can be integrated with other healthcare software and ecommerce tools.

  • Product management
  • Omnichannel customer service
  • Customer relations and marketing
  • Order management