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By Ross Pope, COO & CFO at Prescribery

Patient onboarding is the first critical step in a series of important healthcare access stages across all medical service providers. Prescribery prioritizes an intuitive patient onboarding experience that’s not only quick and efficient but is also fully HIPAA compliant. We require the highest standard in patient onboarding because our experienced industry professionals know how errors can wreak havoc on patient’s lives and provider’s care, leaving both frustrated with outcomes.

Avoiding Errors Avoids Suffering

Common errors in the onboarding process can most often be attributed to human error. In traditional brick-and-mortar offices, paperwork is misplaced, misread, or entered into databases incorrectly. Hard copies create bottlenecks and stress already overburdened staff, leading to a negative feedback loop of mistakes. These mistakes create patient distrust and too often result in ineffective medical care.

Further, patients are frequently overwhelmed by the amount of paperwork they need to fill out when they onboard with new clinics. Between their medical histories, the HIPAA releases, and dealing with the personal stressors that brought them to the clinic, they are prone to make mistakes. They may leave off signatures or omit important medical information—all of which results in staff having to circle back, or worse, not catching the error at all.

When patient onboarding mistakes occur, everyone suffers. While human error is unavoidable, it can be mitigated. The most efficient way to reduce human error is through digitization.

Prescribery’s Telemedicine Platform Reduces Patient Onboarding Errors

Prescribery offers the most robust digital services that connect patients and healthcare providers. While the convenience of our telemedicine platform is paramount, it’s only one of the benefits. Patient onboarding in the telehealth industry lends itself to reduced opportunity for clerical error; the Prescribery platform offers straightforward patient questionnaires that easily and effectively connect patients with the providers and services they need.

Patients can be their own best advocates, and Prescribery’s Patient App empowers patients with access to their own records and real-time process tracking. With built-in fail-safes, crucial and complete patient histories, signatures, and insurance data are securely stored and immediately accessible to the patients themselves and their appropriate providers. The end result is a sophisticated and user-friendly digital healthcare tool that significantly reduces errors in the patient onboarding process.

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